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Santa's Magical Experience!

Santa and the professionals at Silver Star Pictures will create a performance in which your children are the stars and the result for you will be watching a theatrical performance.  The images from this performance will be used in your choice of storybooks, portraits, holiday cards, folios and other wall art.

A Storybook Christmas comes to life for your children.  Silver Star Pictures Magic is offering a magical experience for your children or grandchildren this fall.  They will spend approximately 30 - 60 minutes in a private session with Santa and they will love every minute helping Santa work on his toys, having milk and cookies, listening to Santa read them a story and much more.  There are two darling storybooks from which to choose!  

The Portraits and storybook album that award winning Photographer, David J. Stana, and Artists at Silver Star Pictures create from this experience are exquisite hand-finished art pieces with "MAGIC" sprinkled throughout.

There are shorter sessions available with fewer poses each designed to offer a range of options from holiday cards to large portraits, desk & mantle gifts and mini "brag books."  

Imagine the joy you and your family will relive every Christmas season when you display these cherished memories in your home.  This is an opportunity to capture your children's sweet and unwavering belief in Santa with portraits like you  have never seen before.

David J. Stana-18006.jpg

This is exclusive time between Santa and your lines, no rush, no crowds, no waiting.

The Magical Santa experience is unique and these very special moments are so precious and memorable.

The reality is there are too few years to watch our children enjoy the gift of childhood. Those wonderful moments of pure joy and wonderment that can only be experienced during this time of year.

Moms and Dads and grandparents will find yourselves immersed in these magical moments as well as remembering your own times with Santa and the anticipation of his visit. 

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