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Telling the Story

Santa's Holiday Tradition Story

You and your children or grandchildren will be starting a new holiday tradition by taking out this heirloom album each year and reading their story of the special time they spent with Santa.  Our storybook is unlike any other Christmas book.  It re-lives those magical moments they shared with Santa.  It will always hold a special place in their heart and remind them of fond memories when they read this book to their own children one day.


In consideration of the many options we offer, below are some examples of the beautiful art you can select from your magical visit with Santa.  We have two precious storybooks.  The storybook below has been selected for the $999 Santa's Holiday Traditions package.   There are a number of options that we can discuss to be included in the book based on your family's traditions.  When you call to make your appointment we can discuss all of these options.  

VintageSanta StorybookW_10x10_HingedCove
Vintage Santa Sample Page W_14_15.jpg

This book is a 10x10 book with approximately 11 images (22 pages) and you can add a dedication page to either the front or back of the book detailing who gifted the book to the family.

Below are our adorable grandparents' brag books.  These are 3x3 accordian books that come with slip covers to protect the booklet and they can slip in a purse or pocket easily retrieved when there is an opportunity to show off the sweet moments with Santa.  These will be cherished by parents, aunts and uncles and grandparents.  Should you select a session where you can choose up to 10 poses or images these are the perfect booklets.  

This is the back of the booklet.  The images below represent the inside of the accordian book. 

Final SSP DEMO - Vintage Santa Mini Back
SSP DEM0 - Vintage Santa Mini Front.jpg

The image to the far right is the back cover of the book and next to it is the front cover.  Beautiful gifts.

SSP DEMO - Vintage Santa Mini Cover.jpg
SSP DEMO - Vintage Santa Mini BackCover.

Image Folios are the ideal tabletop display for your favorite images. Image Folios lay flat like a closed book, and unfold upright to display on a flat surface, revealing two side by side images. This product has a sturdy core, making it durable and easy to take on the go.

You can display your Image Folios on any table, shelf, dresser, mantle, or desktop surface. They’re great for the office or as gifts for family members.  Below are images that represent the layout of a folio with inside left and right and the below represents the front and back of the folio or the binding.  Great for Mom or Dad's office.

W72 - Vintage Santa 8x10 Inside Left.jpg
W72 - Vintage Santa 8x10 Inside Right co
W72 - Vintage Santa 8x10_Cover.jpg
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