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Believe in the Magic!

The magic of childhood is a  precious and fleeting time.  As children, we can dance on moonbeams, fly through a forest with our fairy wings, race to the stars or gallop across the plains on our trustee steed.  Every day brings adventure, limited only by imagination. 


Then there is the magic of Santa.  He can make wishes come true and can travel the world in a single night.  The power of his magic is only eclipsed by the army of busy little elves that check on good little boys and girls and work all year to build the toys that make children so happy on Christmas Day.  

When you and your children visit us, our extraordinary magical time with Santa (approximately 30 minutes or an hour) will suspend time and enchant your little ones.  Santa engages the children in a very special way.  He invites them to have cookies and milk, they receive a beautiful magic box and wish book, Santa will read a traditional Christmas story or bible verse that teaches the true gift of Christmas which is giving.  During this time, parents and grandparents remember their own magical time with Santa and their inner child comes alive.  The beautiful images that are taken become a storybook of your child's visit and a keepsake that will be read and treasured for many years to come.  Over the years, this story will come alive over and over as it is retrieved from a treasured place, and little children will see their parents, grandparents and even great grandparents sitting on Santa's lap, sprinkling magic dust  on Santa's toes or learning of Santa's travel magic.

Beyond the beautiful children's storybooks set to poetry, we also offer breathtaking wall prints, canvas and metal art of all sizes, elegant coffee table books, and custom Christmas cards. Feel free to ask about these products during your consultation session. 

For more information or to schedule your free consultation to discuss your own beautiful commissioned art piece, call 214-695-2861 or 

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