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  • Calling All Professional Photographers - Have you thought about attracting new customers with more disposable income? Need extra income during the off-season? Does the idea of a Pop-up Photography Boutique in a high-end retail space excite you?  Well maybe a limited edition theme or volume Santa or live Bunny Pop-up Studio may be the answer.  With close to two decades of work in retail Pop-up studios David will show you the lucrative and profitable way to increase your income.  Whether you have a studio and a Pop-up is a new revenue stream, or you want a way to increase brand awareness and more $, this can add needed exposure to your business and catapult you into new markets never discovered before.

  • David J. Stana is a media professional with many international awards and has extensive experience in executing communication initiatives, both as a creative photographer, videographer, producer/director of photography and as a project and technical manager.  David has significant knowledge and experience in all media both from a creative and business standpoint - Having created several successful business and now has created a volume event Photography business utilizing Pop-Up Retail Space.  These pop-ups represent high volume photography studios with a print lab in each location. This work embraces traditional themes like Santa and Live Bunnies for spring and Easter displays. He has created a wonderful and profitable experience with children being his focus.  During the balance of the year he is a commercial photographer shooting for major corporations and for large businesses for special events, executive portraits, and architectural imaging

  • Now for the First Time - You can have David consult with you for future expansion into the Pop-up world or how to maintain volume sales in an existing location.

  • Please Click the "Commercial Photography" Tab or Visit: www.David J. for More Information and Booking

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