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 Photographers & Event Professionals



Our photographers have significant experience in many styles of photography & videography including cinematography.  Many events require special treatment such as unique staging props.  Larger events require multiple Photographers to capture the many activities that occur simultaneously, including step & repeat walls, silent auctions, and other entertainment.


The photographers that provide the services are highly trained and skilled with a passion for their art.  They have excellent people skills and patience to work with individuals to create a memorable event keepsake.  They have earned certifications from the Professional Photographers of America Association and/or have earned other awards and recognition for their excellence.  We do not place inexperienced non-professionals in these events.  Many event photography providers will quickly train amateurs in a crash course of point and click, to reduce costs.  There is significant risk in this practice including the level of image quality, speed of capturing a great image and safety of attendees.  When supporting large events the most important concern is a safe environment.  Using veteran professional photographers that secure their equipment, tape wires and generally provide an accident-free space is critical.  For more than 30 years we have been providing our photographic, video and photo booth services to all types of events and are experienced in providing safe and fun environments, managing workflows, etc.  All of our services are scalable to increase or decrease workstations, professionals, and photography equipment as is needed for each event.


 The professional support staff are well-trained and graciously responsive to your guests.  We understand that these events are expected to be entertaining and enjoyable to your guests and we maintain the philosophy of treating your guests extremely well.  This should be a positive experience.   We like to create an environment that could be compared to The Disney Hospitality Model.  This is not just photography – but entertainment.

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