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About Silver Star Pictures


Silver Star Pictures is a Frisco-based company founded in 1997.  The company has been supporting special events and photographic entertainment since its inception.  Prior to 1996 the Company operated a full-service corporate communications, multi-media and video production and staging company in Southwestern Pennsylvania for 16 years.   During that time the company provided services to companies such as Alcoa, Cornell University, MetLife, University of Pittsburgh, Westinghouse, PPG, and many, many more.  Major event productions and presentations were provided to corporate clients throughout the United States. 


Our Mission

Is to capture the essence of any moment in time and to create the memories of a life time in creative and meaningful ways! There is magic to knowing that special moment and when to capture it, a click of a shutter and the moment is captured forever. This is our mission, this is what we do, and we specialize in catching those magical moments and preserving them forever! 


What We Do - Photography

Our state-of-the-art digital equipment enables us to shoot anywhere with studio results. Photos can be viewed immediately for the decision-maker and uploaded for social media and printed in many formats on-site in seconds. We utilize customized backgrounds, green screen technology, and special set designs to create unique environments that offer the best in real time photographic services and entertainment.  It's all about "Real Time" photography and providing the best deliverable.


What We Do - Videography - Storytelling 

 Videography services include studio or on-location shooting along with pre and post production services.  Silver Star Pictures' specialty is creating simple "On-Time" productions using candid and posed photography moving to music.  Complete production with voice over talent and special effects is a more advanced offering.  Our customers utilize these services to entertain at their events or as a means to preserve the memories of the special event.  So whatever your message or theme, we can create the setting appropriate for your needs. 












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